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The Traynor DynaGain DG30D delivers a full 30-watts through its high quality 12-inch Celestion™ speaker, making it perfect for personal practice or rehearsals with the band. A two-channel design allows the player to switch between from pristine clean to searing lead channel at the touch of a switch, or remotely with the optional AFS2 footswitch. The Traynor DG30D’s 24-bit digital multi effects processor offers chorus, flange, vibrato and special effects. Perfect for practice, the Traynor DG30D has RCA line input for quick connection of a CD or MP3 player allowing any play-along source to be mixed with the guitar. The 1/4-inch headphone jack (with speaker defeat) makes the Traynor DynaGain DG30D ideal when private practice is preferred.

* 30-Watts
* 12-inch Celestion™ Speaker
* Footswitchable* Clean and Overdrive Channels
* Bass / Mid / Treble Controls
* On-board 24-bit Digital Effects Processor (including Chorus, Flange Vibrato & Special Effects)
* 24-bit Digital Reverb
* Auxiliary Line Input for CD or MP3 Player
* 1/4-inch TRS Headphone Jack

*Requires Optional AFS2 Footswitch

Type Solid State Guitar Amplifier
Power @ min. impedance (Watts) 30
Speaker Configuration - LF (Size / Power) 12 inch / 30 Watts
Input Channels 2
Channel 1 - inputs 1/4 inch (x2), stereo RCA
Channel 1 - controls Gain, Volume
Channel 1 - switches Channel Select
Channel 2 - controls Volume
Channel 2 - switches Channel Select
Channel Switching Footswitchable
Master Volume Control Yes
Main Tone Controls Bass, Mid, Treble
Effects Volume Reverb Level, Effects Level
Effects Footswitch / Function Yes / Bypass
Internal Reverb / Effects 24-bit Digital Multi Effects plus Reverb
LED Indicators Power, Channel, Gain, Reverb Defeat
Headphone Jack Yes
Other Features DynaGain Solid State tube emulating preamp utilizes 100% analog circuitry for a truly warm and natural tone
Dimensions (DWH, inches) 10 x 21 x 17
Dimensions (DWH, cm) 25.5 x 53 x 43
Weight (lbs / kg) 30 / 13.5
DynaGain Guitar Amps Series Overview
Maximum versatility and superior tube-like tone is now available in solid-state guitar amplifiers. The Traynor DynaGain Series employs three-stage dynamic tube emulation circuitry and our proprietary continuously variable ‘Contour’ (DG65R) control to provide unparalleled tube-like tone from a solid-state amplifier. The Transconductive power amplifier design used exclusively in the DynaGain series ensures the solid-state amplifier sounds just like a tube amp. Pushing the boundaries of modern technology we have discovered how to utilize Dynamic Gain control in the preamp to ensure the best tube emulation possible from an entirely solid-state circuit design. Dyna-Sound speaker emulation on the headphone output, and speaker defeat switch makes the DynaGain amplifiers the perfect amplifier for the practicing musician.
DynaGain Guitar Amps Series Characteristics

* Solid State guitar amplifiers with three-stage DynaGain tube emulation
* Transconductive power amplifier ensures the solid-state amplifier sounds just like a tube amp
* Dyna-Sound speaker emulation on the headphone outputs


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