Traynor Dynabass 100 BASS GUITAR AMPLIFIER

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Yorkville: Bass Combos
DynaBass 100 - 100-watt / 1x15

One of the most versatile small bass combos in its class, the Traynor DynaBass 100 offers the ideal mix of professional features for the gigging musician in an ultra compact 100-watt design. The tilt-back cabinet design allows the DynaBass 100 to used in virtually any environment whether projecting to the audience on a small gig, or as a stage monitor on larger stages.

The 4-band EQ with Traynor’s innovative additional “Scoop Control” ensures it’s always simple to find your sound at any volume. Active and Passive instrument level inputs mean the DB100 can handle any source including vintage or modern acoustic or electric basses.


XLR Balanced Pre or Post EQ Direct Out allows the DynaBass 100 to easily connect to any PA system for live performances while the additional RCA Auxiliary Line Input makes it the perfect practice companion when rehearsing with any CD / MP3 player.

Built for the professional player, the DynaBass 100 has a solid plywood cabinet construction, all metal grille to protect the single 15-inch speaker, integrated all-metal bar handles for unmatched reliability on the road. A 1/4-inch headphone jack has been included for private practice.



bulletInnovative Tilt-back Cabinet Design
bullet4-band EQ w/ Additional Scoop Control
bulletActive and Passive Instrument Level Inputs
bulletXLR Balanced Pre or Post D.I. Output
bulletRCA Auxiliary Line Input for CD / MP3 player
bulletIntegrated All-Metal Bar Handle
bulletHeadphone output for private Practicing






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