Traynor Dynabass 200 BASS GUITAR AMPLIFIER

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Yorkville: Bass Combos
DynaBass 200 - 200-watt / 1x15

The Traynor DynaBass 200 is highest-powered solid-state combo in the series and offers the features most requested in a professional bass combo. Built for the working musician, the 200-watt DynaBass 200 uses a solid plywood cabinet construction, all metal grille to fully protect the high quality speaker components, integrated metal flip handles and removable casters for easy transport.

The DynaBass 200 easily handles any vintage or modern acoustic or electric bass with both passive and active instrument level 1/4-inch inputs. XLR balanced direct output can be switched pre EQ for a pure instrument tone, or post EQ to tailor your tone with the DynaBass 200ís versatile 4-band tone stack and Scoop Control. A 1/4-inch headphone jack is included for private practice.




bullet4-band EQ w/ additional Scoop Control
bulletActive and Passive Instrument Level Inputs w/ Limiter
bulletSolid Plywood Cabinet Construction
bulletIntegrated Metal Flip Handles
bulletRemovable Casters
bulletHeadphone Output
bulletXLR Balanced Pre or Post D.I Output







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