Traynor Dynabass 400 BASS GUITAR AMPLIFIER

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Yorkville: Bass Combos
DynaBass 400 – 400-watt Tube Pre / 1x15, tweeter

Unmatched versatility and solid tone are ensured by the Traynor DynaBass 400’s combination of tube and solid-state topographies in the signal path. Built for the player that may need to unleash a more aggressive bass tone, the DynaBass 400 offers the ability to add subtle tube warmth or full on tube drive to a clean bass tone on demand.

A separate parallel tube overdrive circuit with an innovative ''''wet / dry'''' balance control that allows the perfect blend of overdriven signal to clean bass tone, from 100% drive to pristine and anywhere in between. This allows as much growl or as little “tube warmth” as required to be incorporated into your sound while maintaining a clean central tone to maintain definition and clarity.


A switchable limiter and a compressor circuit with user definable threshold control have been added to the tube input circuit as well.

The five-band EQ, with a semi-parametric sweepable mid, and a continuously variable Scoop* control offers one of the most versatile tone stacks found on a bass amp.

*The Scoop function sweeps from a flat frequency response to a mid-frequency dip at 300 Hz. As you increase beyond the 1/2-way point on the control you begin to boost both the top end and bottom end to your tone, in addition to further reducing the midrange level.

The DynaBass 400 bass combo offers a front panel wet / dry control for the effects return, footswitchable tube overdrive, footswitchable effects return and a pre / post selectable XLR balanced Tube DI output. Speakon™ and 1/4-inch extension speaker outputs have been added for the addition of an external bass cabinet.


A front panel tuner / mute switch kills the signal to the amplifier (and DI output) for silent tuning with the front panel mounted 1/4" tuner out jack.




bulletHybrid Tube / Solid-State Preamp Design
bullet5-band EQ w/ sweep mid w/ additional Scoop control
bulletFootswitchable Tube Overdrive w/ Clean Blend
bulletIntegrated Tweeter defeats when Overdrive Engaged
bulletActive and Passive Instrument Level Inputs w/ Limiter
bulletSolid Plywood Cabinet Construction
bulletIntegrated Metal Flip Handles
bulletRemovable Casters
bulletHeadphone Output
bulletXLR Balanced Pre or Post D.I Output






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