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The Traynor TVM10 battery powered amplifier is designed for the musician on the move. Perfect for rehearsal or street corner concert, the TVM10’s two-channel 15-watt design allows quick connection to any microphone, instrument or CD / MP3 player. Individual volume control on the input channels and four-band master EQ makes the TVM10 a complete and ultra-compact PA system solution.

XLR / TRS combi-jack input on channel one allows quick connection to any microphone source. A 1/4-inch input on channel two is ideal for any instrument including acoustic or electric guitars and keyboards. An additional RCA auxiliary Input allows quick connection CD or MP3 players.

The TVM10’s wedge monitor shape projects to an intimate audience from ground level, or be used with its integrated stand adaptor on any speaker stand when used as a small announcement PA or background music source.

* Channel One - XLR / 1/4-inch TRS Combi-jack Microphone Input with Volume Control for quick connection to any line or microphone source.
* Channel Two - 1/4-inch Line Input with Volume Control, ideal for any instrument including acoustic or electric guitars and keyboards. Additional RCA Auxiliary Line Input for quick connection of any CD or MP3 player.
* Master 4-Band Equalizer
* Built-In Rechargeable Battery Pack Power Source - The TVM10 can run anywhere… no cumbersome AC power source required.
* Unique wedge cabinet shape projects to an intimate audience from ground level, or allows the TVM10 to act as a wedge monitor for rehearsals.
* Integrated Speaker Stand Adaptor - Allows quick solid connection to any standard speaker stand when TVM10 is used as a small announcement PA or background music playback system.

Traynor International Guitar Amps Series Overview
Turn That DOWN!! The Traynor name has long been associated with affordable, great sounding amplifiers. Since the early 1960’s, Traynor amplifiers have earned a reputation as cost-effective, highly reliable ‘workhorses’. Yorkville Sound is proud to continue this tradition with our latest generation of Guitar Mate™, Tube Mate™ & Bass Mate™ combos. These open-backed amps are manufactured in the far east under the supervision of Yorkville's design and manufacturing team and are perfect for aspiring guitar and bass players in need of a compact and durable, yet inexpensive rig.
Traynor International Guitar Amps Series Characteristics
Traynor’s International Series solid state amps come in 10, 20, 30 and 40 Watt guitar models as well as 10 and 50 Watt bass models. All of the cabinets include metal corners, non-skid rubber feet, a power indicator LED, a three band EQ and vintage style rotary control knobs. Specific models feature separate gain and volume controls, channel indicator LEDs, reverb and chorus effects, headphone and line-out jacks, an effects loop, and footswitch controls. Most models are available with either cream or black Tolex™ covering fitted with a matching cloth grille and a distinctive grille-mounted chrome look Traynor logo.

All Traynor International Series amplifiers come with a comprehensive two year, no hassle warranty*. When you're ready to rock, grab your ‘mate’!
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