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Yorkville U215

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U215 Speaker - 1600w 2x15 / 3x5 inch / 1 inch
Engineered for the serious pro audio user, the U215 is among the most advanced, most versatile and most efficient high-powered portable P.A. box available in the market today. The U215 is a radical loudspeaker cabinet design utilizing the patented Unity™ Summation Aperture Horn Technology, which was invented by loudspeaker designer Tom Danley and licensed from Sound Physics Labs Inc. The U215 provides remarkably even high / mid frequency distribution from the 60║ x 60║ horn assembly. The combination of the conical, constant directivity horn, two 15" new technology Neodymium woofers and our unending attention to details, right down to the ideal trapezoidal shaped cabinet has yielded an extremely versatile product. The U215's Unity™ horn combines a single 1 inch throat (1.75" diaphragm) compression driver with three 5-inch ceramic magnet midrange drivers on a single highly efficient conical horn. This combines high and mid frequencies driver components in a single 60║ x 60║ conical horn that produces frequencies from 300Hz to 20kHz. Added to all this is a pair of new technology, ultra lightweight Neodymium 15” woofers to complete the package.

The ultra efficient U215 is a trapezoidal shaped, 1600 watt cabinet with a carefully chosen crossover point to seamlessly match the directivity characteristics of the conical horn to the neodymium woofer. With such a compact footprint and weight, the U215 easily finds its home as a FOH speaker, drum monitor, side fill, front or down fill or virtually any situation where a professional quality sound reinforcement system is required.

The U215 can be easily bi-amplified by way of a switch on the rear jackplate, or used with any Úlite series subwoofer for extended low frequency support. The UP215 Unity™ processor, designed specifically to optimize the sonic characteristics of the U215 has also been developed to ensure trouble free, “plug-and-play” full range or Bi-amp operation with or without a subwoofer.

The U215 conical horn and drivers The MTM (Mid-Top-Mid) cabinet design was chosen as the perfect vessel for the U215 drivers to be mounted in. An MTM design is ideal as it makes the most efficient use out of the Unity™ conical horn. This allows for better imaging and balanced summation between horn and subwoofers. The trapezoidal footprint is identical to the U15 allowing them to be mated together in a variety of ways where an unconventional cabinet array is required. It accomplishes this while still maintaining the ideal array angle to best couple multiple cabinets. The lightweight neodymium drivers help to keep the U215 total weight under 100lbs, virtually unheard of for a 1600 watt 2x15" cabinet. Compare that to the 1500 watt E2152 at 167lbs and it is easily the lightest in its class.

Integrated flypoints means the U215 cabinet can be easily used in many applications, as part of an installed system, or as the center-point of a touring or club rig. The trapezoidal shape was designed with multi-box, tight pack arraying in mind. We put extensive Research and Development using the latest in Acoustical Measurement and Modeling software to ensure that all of the Unity™ Series cabinets function equally on their own or in tight pack cluster arrays. Flying in the air is possible with the addition of an optional ATM™ Flyware bumper system, allowing tight-pack horizontal arrays of up to 3 cabinets at the optimum splay to maximize the Unity™ horn's dispersion pattern while minimizing phasing and lobing.

* Unique 60║ x 60║ Unity™ horn assembly combines mid and high frequency drivers on conical horn.
* All four component drivers mounted in a Unity™ horn are mechanically time-aligned to measure and act like a single point source.
* No self-interference between individual loudspeaker components.
* Two 15-inch high power lightweight (10lbs/4.5kgs) Neodymium woofers with three-inch voicecoil.
* Biamp mode switch
* Ten rigging points allow for all possible mounting and flying configurations.
* 15mm 11-ply birch cabinet construction.
* Two-year unconditional warranty
* U215 - Black Ozite (Carpet) Finish
* U215B - Black Ultrathane (Painted) Finish

System Type Three-Way
Active or Passive Passive
Program Power (Watts) 1600 / 200
Biampable Yes
Nominal Impedance (Ohms) 4
Sensitivity (dB @1Watt/1m) 98
Max SPL (dB) 130
Frequency Response (Hz +/- 3db) 45 - 20k
Crossover Frequency (Hz) 300 / 1250
Driver Configuration 2x15 inch / 3x5 inch / 1.75 inch
HF Driver(s) 1.75 inch polyester
HF Impedance (Ohms) 8
HF Horn Conical Unity™ horn (1 inch throat)
HF Dispersion (░H x ░V) 60 x 60
HF Protection PTC™
MF Driver(s) 3 x 5 inch ceramic 1 inch voicecoil
MF Horn Conical Unity™ horn
MF Dispersion (░H x ░V) 60 x 60
LF Driver(s) 2x15 inch neodymium / 3 inch voicecoil
LF Program Power(Watts) 1600
LF Impedance(Ohms) 4
Inputs - 1/4" Jacks 2
Inputs - Speakon 4-pin 2
Flying Hardware 3/8inch x 10 (all corners 2 pullback)
Bar Handles 2 Side
Enclosure Materials 15mm 11-ply Birch
Grille Perforated Metal
Covering / Finish Black Ozite (Carpet)
Optional Covering / Finishes Black Ultrathane Paint (U215B)
Dimensions (DWH xbackW, inches) 16.25 x 19.25 x 50 x 9.5
Dimensions (DWH xbackW, cm) 42 x 49 x 127 x 24
Weight (lbs/kg) 95 / 41
Unity™ Series Overview
The U15 The Unity™ Series of loudspeakers is a radical loudspeaker cabinet design utilizing the patented Unity™ Summation Aperture Horn Technology, which was invented by loudspeaker designer Tom Danley and licensed from Sound Physics Labs Inc.

The Unity™ Series pushes the limits of modern state-of-the-art sound reinforcement technology, which features a radical new loudspeaker horn design, arguably the first major evolution in horn technology in the last 60 years. Ultra clear reproduction through the high-mid band with extremely linear frequency response has been achieved using the patented* Unity™ horn technology, licensed from Sound Physics Labs Inc. Unity™ horn technology combines a single 1" throat with a 1.75” diaphragm high frequency compression driver alongside three 5” ceramic magnet midrange drivers on a single, highly efficient conical horn. This combines high and mid frequency energy in a single 60║ x 60║ conical horn that produces frequencies from 300Hz to 20kHz. Patent holder Tom Danley explains it this way. "With a conical horn, one sees that at the compression driver exit, the expansion rate is very rapid at high frequency cutoff, and since the expansion rate acts as a high pass filter, the low frequency energy does not couple to the mouth. Move a few inches toward the mouth and one finds the expansion rate is much slower and suitable for low midrange, if only that was where the driver was. All one has to do is obtain a mid driver, suitable for efficient horn loading in that frequency band and find the point in the flare where the expansion rate is suitable for that frequency range and couple the sound in at that point. Because the compression driver and each mid driver are less than 1/4 wavelength apart, their output combines fully and coherently, something which cannot happen if the driver were further than about 1/3 wavelength apart."

*U.S. Patent # 6,411,718 B1

So what exactly does all this mean?

What it means is that all four drivers mounted in a Unity™ horn measure and act like a single point source. The sound produced from the combined 4 drivers act like a single driver. Additional DSP (Digital Signal Processing) is not required to time align the Mid and High frequencies together like in many other conventional systems. This is especially important as it minimizes, if not eliminates, the major phasing and lobing problems typically associated with your standard multiple horn 3-way box. By mechanically time-aligning the mid and High components it makes for a simpler to use system at the same time. DSP processors can assist in such matters as time alignment and minor phase adjustments, but at a greatly enhanced cost, plus they are much more complex to setup and operate. The "Plug-&-Play" simplicity of the Unity™ technology makes such a Professional quality box user friendly for people of all experience levels.

The Unity™ hornAdd to this the fact that the high efficiency of the horn loading leads to the mid and high frequency drivers to be conservatively driven well below each components maximum power handling. In the U15, for example, the cone drivers for the mid section are running well below the rated output capacity in normal operation. They closely match the compression driver in sensitivity and the group of three drivers combined can handle about two times the power. In operation they are padded down about -7dB to match the sensitivity of the low frequency section. As a result of efficient horn loading and high headroom, mid range harmonic distortion is typically much lower than that measured in most speakers at the same SPL, and far lower than any 2” compression driver could attain. Unlike other multi-driver, two or three way full range speaker systems, there is little self-interference between the various components at crossover and unlike conventional loudspeakers systems, the polar plots are free of lobes and large changes in directivity versus frequency.

The Unity™ technology takes advantage of the variable flare rate nature of a conical horn. By sectioning the horn according to the expansion rate, the horn can be divided into frequency bands and be loaded with suitable drivers mounted outside the acoustic path. The front-to-back spacing of the drivers on the horn exactly compensates for a drivers inherent "built-in" delays and the phase shift / delay introduced by the crossover. Polar measurements show that while there are four drivers loading the horn, acoustically they act as ONE source. Energy vs. Time measurements show ONE source. Acoustic phase measurements give no indication of where the crossover is, it in fact, looks and acts like one point source.

3 box U15 ArrayWe put extensive Research and Development using the latest in Acoustical Measurement and Modeling software to ensure that all Unity™ Series cabinets function equally on their own or in tight pack cluster arrays. To assist in rigging and flying of all cabinets, nine rigging/flying points are standard as follows on all Unity™ Series cabinets: 2 on top, 2 on the bottom, 2 on each side and a single pullback. All 9 flypoints feature threaded inserts for 3/8” ATM™ Eyebolts, the defacto standard for flying hardware due to their strength and durability, not to mention one of the highest load tolerances in the industry. Employing a minimum 5:1 safety ratio and still with a 1550lb/703kg Working Load Limit per eyebolt, and it is safe to say you will never have an issue with safety concerns when rigging any Yorkville cabinet in the air. Should the need arise and you want to fly or install cabinets in an array as large as a 3 wide, tight pack array, we can accommodate that as well. For this application we recommend using the Unity™ Series rigging system, developed by ATM™ Flyware, one of the most trusted names in rigging hardware in the entire entertainment industry. A Rigging, or “Bumper” system is available that was designed exclusively with the Unity™ Series cabinets in mind. This system is the ideal roadworthy way to suspend the Unity™ Series cabinets in the air, at the optimum angle and spacing, to make the most out of the cabinets inherent “footprint” geometry. When connected properly, it will allow a system to be flown up to 3 boxes wide at the perfect splay to maximize dispersion and minimize phasing and lobing. An alternate system is also available when you wish to use Unity™ cabinets in a more permanent fixed installation. Contact ATM™ Flyware for more information on these and many other rigging/flying/installation options.
Unity™ Series Characteristics
Inside the U15 Rugged Driver Mounting System
All Unity™ cabinets feature a specially reinforced driver mounting system that makes sure the High Frequency horn drivers will still be attached to the horns when you get to the show. The composite horns are pressure fitted to the driver, which is bolted to the internal driver support.

Custom Designed Conical Horns
Custom composite horns are specifically designed for each cabinet and feature the patented Unity™ horn technology.

Neodymium Woofer
The U15 and U215 employ a new technology earth shaking 800 watt 15" Neodymium magnet woofer with 3" voicecoil mounted on an ultra lightweight basket. This combination helps reduce the weight from as much as 30lbs (13.6kgs) or more for many conventional ceramic magnet woofers to a mere 10lbs (4.5kgs) for our Neodymium woofer. In the case of the U215, which features two of the 15” Neodymium woofers, this is a weight reduction of as much as 60lbs versus a similar cabinet loaded with conventional ceramic magnet woofers.

Advanced Crossover Networks and Protection Schemes
All Unity™ cabinets, feature seamless driver interaction through sophisticated high-slope passive networks and ingenious component protection schemes. Rugged jackplates are inset and include a combination of both Speakon™ and 1/4" phone jack inputs.

Advanced PTC™ Horn Protection on the High Frequency
PTC™ is an ingenious current sensing / self-resetting breaker that offers some serious advantages over current protection schemes used in many loudspeaker cabinets. This protection scheme, while always present in the signal path, remains inaudible until it becomes necessary for it to react. It kicks in at a point where it effectively reduces output to the horn and protects that diaphragm from damage due to excessive power input or signal distortion. Unlike a breaker it does not require a physical reset to allow signal back to the horn driver, and unlike a bulb or fuse, does not need to be replaced if the circuit is tripped, and the fuse is blown.

Where PTC™ shines is in heavy feedback environments where most horn diaphragm damage occurs. In rare situations even where a microphone might be dropped in a monitor, the sustained ‘squeal’ can destroy diaphragms in seconds. PTC™ will significantly reduce output level to the horn to protect the diaphragm. When the situation has been rectified, and the feedback eliminated the horn will return to full operating level within half of a second.

The U215 Rugged Black Carpet Covering
The stylish yet practical carpet that covers the Unity™ cabinets keeps them looking great. The two part rubberized glue that is used to attach the carpet ensures that Unity™ cabinets will stand up against moisture by effectively wrapping the cabinet in a rubber glove.

Optional Black Ultrathane Paint
Popular in both our Úlite and Pulse lines, all Unity™ cabinets are available with the optional finish of black Ultrathane paint. The finish was specifically chosen for it's attractive and incredible durability.

Curved Metal Speaker Grilles
Curved metal grilles absorb shocks evenly to resist dings and dents while eliminating frequency resonance. The trapezoidal cabinet shape allows for arrayable performance without phase cancellation.

Recessed Handles
Like all Úlite cabinets, all Unity™ cabinets feature attractively recessed bar handles. Great care is taken to make sure that they "stay out of the way", but are easy to get at when you need them.

Polemount Adapter
A standard sized, flushmounted Polemount socket receptacle is included in the base of the U15 and U15B. This allows it to be raised on speaker stands to position it over the listeners heads' for greater long distance throw and smoother coverage making it even more versatile in any listening environment.

Yorkville covers all Unity™ Series cabinets with our famous “even if you break it” * 2 year unconditional warranty.

* Warranty valid in Canada and the U.S. only.